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For us, writing your unique CV is as easy as walking the dog.

Everyone needs a CV nowadays! No matter what job, or in which industry you’re applying for, you will need a CV in the process of the application. Even jobs that some people consider ‘low-end’ will ask for your CV. Jobs that are found through word-of-mouth also require a CV (sooner, or later in the recruitment process). The only exception perhaps is when you’re applying for a job at your dad’s antique shop!

You = (Your) CV

Our focus is to deliver quality documents that bring out each client’s strengths and what they can offer a new Employer.

Liesel Cloete

This simple, non-Einstein formula says that you are what your CV shows and tells who you are; after all, it is your personal sales brochure. No matter how good the service or product is, if it is presented in a bad light it will be considered of little value. It is as simple as that. You’ve probably heard the expression ‘first impressions are lasting ones’; your CV is usually your first impression with a potential employer. Your CV has the power and authority to either make or break your chances of being invited to an interview!

Getting a job in this day and age means that you will be competing for a single job with at least a few dozen other highly-qualified and job-hungry applicants. Since you’re going to write a CV anyway, why not make it of a high standard straight away?

Low quality CV’s do not tend to get much attention at all; this will make you frustrated and damage your self-esteem. It’s not that you’re not good enough for any of the 100 jobs that you have applied over the past few months; it is – most likely – your CV that is not up to scratch! Save yourself time, give the right importance to it, invest some time in writing it and only then start apply for jobs.

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Liesel Cloete

Co-founder, Professional CV Writer, Personal Branding and LinkedIn Profile Writing

Coming from an HR background, Liesel left the corporate world in 2013 to combine her natural creativeness, love for writing and HR knowledge in producing compelling CVs for individuals seeking professional growth and taking the next step in their careers.

SA CV Writing boasts a track record of clients winning interviews and securing high profile jobs with various major local and international companies.

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