How to say no and avoid being labelled as the office doormat

doormat (dɔːʳmæt) One who submits meekly to domination or mistreatment by others.   We all know the term “to be a doormat”. But have you ever found yourself to be the office doormat? I started my career when I was very young and inexperienced. I didn’t know how to say no and set boundaries when […]

When you feel too old to get hired

Today’s 50-somethings are like yesterday’s 30-somethings, those in their 50’s are in general young of heart, fit in body and even feeling that they can still conquer small kingdoms. But they are the ones you will typically find described in the self-help section of your local bookstore, your local mountain bike club, gym, yoga retreat […]

Covid-19…a catalyst for lousy service delivery?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can all admit that businesses worldwide faced various challenges to stay afloat. Customer Service delivery has been in the frontline since March 2020. I am a stickler for good customer service and have been acutely aware that some companies use the pandemic as an excuse for poor […]

Keeping up with your new year’s resolutions and career goals

Welcome to a new year with new challenges and probabilities. You have, like so many people globally, set some new year’s resolutions and goals for both your personal life and professional career. But, as you almost certainly know by now, it’s not always that easy to keep to those resolutions and goals. Statistics show that […]

Why didn’t you get that promotion?

You worked for your current company for more than five years. You’ve been a loyal employee with a track record of putting in more hours than what is required. You met every target, all deadlines and even contributed to increasing overall company profit. But, you did not get that promotion… The first normal reaction that […]

Trouble setting new career goals?

It’s a new year. You are recovering from a very busy holiday period and just can’t seem to even think about setting goals for the year that lay ahead. You are not necessarily unhappy with your current work situation, you just feel overwhelmed in trying to focus and set new goals for yourself. Don’t feel […]

Working mothers we salute you!

As a working mother of more than 15 years, I know all too well the struggles, the guilt, and the feeling of not spending enough time with my children. Yes, I too have gone through and experienced the mixed emotions of having to leave my children with a caregiver. Wondering if your child will be […]

Help! My job is making me depressed!

It’s a new year with thousands of wonderful possibilities. But if dreading going back to work or the thought of creeping through an eight hour work day makes you feel more than miserable, then this might be a sign that your job is making you depressed. Depression is costing South Africa more than ZAR232 billion […]

When choosing a recruitment agency

Many of our Clients make use of Recruitment Agencies. Some report back with very good results and others found that the whole experience left them with a very bad taste in their mouths.The number one complaint they have is that the Recruitment Agency just simply doesn’t come back to them after they filled out the […]

Are you a toxic employee?

So you went for that interview and seemed to be the best candidate for the job. As a bonus you appeared very approachable and charismatic. After a few weeks in the new position, your Colleagues come to notice a few things about you; you don’t work well within a team environment and is a dreadful […]