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Are you a toxic employee?

So you went for that interview and seemed to be the best candidate for the job. As a bonus you appeared very approachable and charismatic. After a few weeks in the new position, your Colleagues come to notice a few things about you; you don’t work well within a team environment and is a dreadful […]

Just graduated? Don’t panic!

So you just graduated. Congratulations! You might be one of those individuals that are not thinking of looking for a job straight away. It’s the December holidays and all you want to do is relax and hang out with your friends and family. Or you might be one of the many that dread the whole idea […]

Do you have what it takes to be a great HR manager?

Most of us know the saying; “The HR Department is the backbone of any Company.” I would go further and state that the HR Manager is the backbone of any HR Department. Coming from an HR background myself, I have experienced first-hand the good, the bad, and the ugly of this profession. I fervently believe that […]

Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom

When I was still at school, I repeatedly overheard people say that “the young people of today are much too concerned about where they want to work, and in what position they feel they deserve to start off with within a Company.” I never truly understood what it  meant until I joined the corporate world. […]

Think before you post…before you tweet

Recently there have been increases in reports in the News of individuals landing in hot water for what they posted on Social Media, specifically for being very open in displaying information about the Companies they work for. Not only were these particular individuals ridiculed for what they posted, but it also went viral on Social Media. […]

What is your WOW factor?

I wonder sometimes whether we appreciate the importance of having a professional and well-written CV. Do we really appreciate the time and resources that are required to build our career? Are we willing to invest the necessary resources to increase our chances of obtaining that perfect job? The reality is that not everyone will start…

Discover your passion

So you’ve been hearing that voice again, the one that says you’re not doing what you were born to do. That may be true, but how do you figure out what you should be doing? To begin answering this question, examine whether your current career path matches your core interests, beliefs, values, needs and skills…

Finding work today is a full time job

You’ve just graduated and are eager to enter the working world. Before you take off running to make the world a better place. Remember you need to get the job first. Wait! Don’t start the mass emailing of your CV just yet. Here’s a list of tips that will expedite your job search: Tip 1: Be […]

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