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Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom

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When I was still at school, I repeatedly overheard people say that “the young people of today are much too concerned about where they want to work, and in what position they feel they deserve to start off with within a Company.” I never truly understood what it  meant until I joined the corporate world.

I talked to several Business Owners, Managers, Supervisors, etc., who stated that a number of candidates absolutely refuse to accept a position that is below a certain pay scale, or what they believe, to be an ‘inferior’ role. The majority of the time these individuals are school leavers and recent graduates. What they don’t realise is that even if they accept a position that doesn’t even relate to their area of study or leave them lacking passion and an eagerness to go to work, it can assist them in getting the proverbial foot in the door. They tend to forget that to gain experience is crucial. It should be seen as an adventure, a way to improve oneself, on both a personal and professional level.

There are countless examples of famous people around the world that didn’t start out, as a lot of people might think, in senior or high profile positions. The Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, for example, started off as a Receptionist as to pay off her own University fees. Doug McMillon started his journey as a Warehouse Worker where, through hard work and self-drive, he worked his way up to where he is today; the President and CEO of Walmart.  Marissa Mayer from Yahoo worked as a Clerk at a local Grocery Store.

These individuals have a few things in common; hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to acquire additional skills and apply it to everyday situations. They worked towards a personal goal, even if it meant that packing groceries and typing endless reports would get them there…

Think of it this way; wouldn’t you like to look back 10 years from now, and be proud of yourself for working your way up, you were humble enough to learn from those around you, you never gave up, and that you were able to reach the goals you set for yourself when you first entered the Job Market.

A last word of advice; don’t trample on those around you in order to reach that goal. History has revealed repeatedly that people were not just remembered for their achievements or the title that they held, but also in what manner they treated their seniors, peers, and those that reported to them while they were busy climbing that ladder towards success…



Everyone needs a CV nowadays! No matter what job, or in which industry you’re applying for, you will need a CV in the process of the application. Even jobs that some people consider ‘low-end’ will ask for your CV. Jobs that are found through word-of-mouth also require a CV (sooner, or later in the recruitment process). The only exception perhaps is when you’re applying for a job at your dad’s antique shop!

Hire us to write a the perfect CV for you.

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