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Finding work today is a full time job

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Finding work today is a full time job

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You’ve just graduated and are eager to enter the working world. Before you take off running to make the world a better place. Remember you need to get the job first.

Wait! Don’t start the mass emailing of your CV just yet. Here’s a list of tips that will expedite your job search:

Tip 1: Be Realistic

You’re going to have to work your way to the top. Seek out jobs that allow you to learn while you earn.

Tip 2: Searching is a Full Time Job

Your dream job isn’t going to fall into your lap; you’re going to have to put in the hours to find it.

Tip 3: Network

Connect with old classmates, join online groups and post your CV online.  Market Yourself.

Tip 4: Publications and Newsletters

Keep up to date on industry news.

Tip 5: Company Websites

Many companies have web pages dedicated to job opportunities currently available.

Tip 6: Temporary Employment

Temporary positions will provide you with experience and may lead to full time employment.

Tip 7: Recruitment Agencies

Many companies contract out their hiring.

Tip 8: Review your CV

Is it sending the right message? If not, it’s time for a change.

Competition is tough; the job market is filled with young and enthusiastic graduates. The right first impression is everything. 

Contact SA CV Writing to discuss your unique CV Writing Requirements.

Everyone needs a CV nowadays! No matter what job, or in which industry you’re applying for, you will need a CV in the process of the application. Even jobs that some people consider ‘low-end’ will ask for your CV. Jobs that are found through word-of-mouth also require a CV (sooner, or later in the recruitment process). The only exception perhaps is when you’re applying for a job at your dad’s antique shop!

Hire us to write a the perfect CV for you.

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