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Keeping up with your new year’s resolutions and career goals

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Keeping up with your new year’s resolutions and career goals

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Welcome to a new year with new challenges and probabilities.

You have, like so many people globally, set some new year’s resolutions and goals for both your personal life and professional career. But, as you almost certainly know by now, it’s not always that easy to keep to those resolutions and goals.
Statistics show that many people who are unhappy with their professional careers or those who are eager for taking up some new challenges, use the new year as an opportunity to make those changes.

Here are a few pointers in how you can take the stress (and disappointment if not reached) out of trying to achieve those resolutions and goals:

1. Keep it simple

We tend to set the bar very high and then when we don’t reach our goals, we chastise ourselves and feel very guilty for not keeping to that resolution or reaching that goal. Don’t. Keep it simple, so when you don’t reach them, you won’t feel so bad.

2. Don’t over think it

Your goals can be anything from wanting to spend more time on a specific project to something like getting to work earlier to ensure you finish your daily tasks.

3. Do ‘self-check-ups’ on a weekly or monthly basis

Now that you have set those goals, you need to keep yourself accountable for reaching it. Take a step back and see if those goals you’ve set are realistic, and if so, what you have done to date to reach them. This way you can track and motivate yourself in working a little bit harder in achieving them.

4. Are you flexible in changing that goal?

Sometimes we set goals that, if we are completely honest with ourselves, are just not reachable in the set timeframe or at that stage in your career. Don’t feel guilty if you have to re-evaluate, adjust or change that goal completely. It’s reported that at the second week of February, more than 80% of people who set goals for themselves have given up in reaching them. It might be that they have set the bar too high and instead of re-evaluating, they feel ashamed and just throw in the towel.

5. Enjoy the journey!

We tend to be too serious and don’t realise that we are allowed to enjoy the journey leading up to achieving that goal. See it as an exciting adventure, and without realising it, you might just pick up some new useful skills along the way!

Happy New Year!

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